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Offshore Company Incorporation and Maintenance Services

Welcome to Eltoma Corporate Services. Established in 2004 by highly qualified and experienced management and corporate finance professionals Eltoma Corporate Services provides individual solutions to our clients. Operating from four offices located in Cyprus, Moscow, Singapore and Hong Kong we provide a personal service to all our clients.

Eltoma Corporate Services offer the following

  • Offshore Company Incorporation
  • Company Management and Administration Services
  • Bookkeeping, Auditing and Tax Reporting
  • Formation and Restructuring of International Holding Structures
  • International Tax Planning
  • Opening Bank Accounts in various jurisdictions. Eltoma can open bank accounts in Cyprus without a presence.
  • Corporate Services (Company Branding, Website Creation and Maintenance etc)

Eltoma Corporate Services offers a select number of jurisdictions in which to operate. We are constantly analysing and reviewing the jurisdictions in which we operate in order to ensure we inform our clients of the latest innovations and changes in taxation and company law. This results in a knowledgable, professional and comprehensive service being provided to all our international business clients.

At Eltoma Corporate Services we provide completely independent and professional advice ensuring we implement the best international tax planning solutions for our clients. It is imperative that the long-term management and administration of a company is thoroughly considered at the inception in order to provide the best structure. Eltoma Corporate Services facilitate this with in-depth, expert knowledge coupled with innovative and resourceful solutions.

Our website provides a thorough review of the services Eltoma provides and an overview of the jurisdictions Eltoma offers. However if you do not find the information you are looking for or have any queries regarding our services please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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